The TrekSafe Corporation

April 14, 2006

by Wiley Davis

I have recently started a new company. My new company manufactures trekking helmets and is called the TrekSafe Corporation. We stand behind our motto which says: trek hard… trek safe.

We believe in this motto. We paid a lot for it and we think you should believe in it too. Oh yeah, because TrekSafe is a corporation, I have to refer to us as it. For example, I can no longer say “TrekSafe says _their_ products will protect your knoggin,” I have to say “TrekSafe says _its_ products will help to protect your knoggin.”.

We ran into considerable skepticism when we started TrekSafe. People said things like, “isn’t trekking really just like walking really far?” What do you say to someone so jaded?

I always point out that people who are just walking, don’t use poles. Trekkers, use poles. Trekkers need poles and they like to wear fleece. Our research has indicated that a sport is dangerous whenever poles are involved. Jousting, for instance, is a very dangerous sport.

So, we formed TrekSafe. At this point, however, it still didn’t have a product so it did some more research. Unfortunately, the research was marketing research and the only thing it was able to come up with was a logo. But it’s a great logo.

The TrekSafe Kokopelli is a wonderful logo. People all over the world recognize the Kokopelli as the symbol of laid back southwestern living. TrekSafe wants to be associated with southwestern living and tex-mex cuisine. The TrekSafe Kokopelli is wearing a helmet and has dual trekking poles.

After it drew the logo, TrekSafe realized that it had inadvertently developed a product. Without thinking, the designers had placed a helmet on the Kokopelli’s head, assuming that helmets implied safety. When it realized that no one else was making helmets specifically tailored to the special hazards involved with trekking, it knew where its first thrust into the marketplace would take place.

Original designs were based on a Styrofoam bicycle helmet from Taiwan but it quickly realized that the graphics were not at all suitable for trekking. It was redesigned with new graphics and is now the penultimate trekking helmet. (Next year’s model will be the ultimate trekking helmet.)

Its new catalogue will be out soon. Please buy TrekSafe products and always: trek hard… trek safe.

Buckminster Updike,
TrekSafe Corporation

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